Bathrooms, Kitchens & Bedrooms


Taking a shower is the perfect way to begin or end your day. Powerful jets of temperature controlled water can unwind your mind, refresh your body, relax your muscles and invigorate your senses.

We display a huge range of showers and deal with all leading manufacturers. We can supply you with a power shower, electric shower, gravity shower or a high pressure shower to work from a combie boiler or mega flow. Our sales staff are trained to ask you the right question to ensure that you buy the right shower for your water system.


We deal with three manufacturers of kitchen units and between these three manufactures we display over 140 styles of door for you to choose from. By dealing with three different manufacturers we can offer kitchens to suit all budgets and tastes.

We can design your kitchen free of charge (subject to terms and conditions) on our computer and generate 3D photo realistic views of what your Kitchen will look like. Our trained sales people will help you find a kitchen to suit both your needs and your budget.


We can install fitted wardrobes and built in wardrobes to your personal specification. We have a range of bedroom units and sliding door displays in the showroom.